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Kerala Psc Current Affairs

Kerala Psc Current Affairs 2018

Kerala Psc Current Affairs  | Hello there we have a collection of Kerala psc affairs 2018 pdf. There are so many current affairs of Kerala psc given you can all questions and their answers in this website hope you will get good results after reading this post.All the questions answers are available in this website.

Kerala Psc Current Affairs 

These are the Kerala Psc Current Affairs 2018 question and answers given below. I hope you will get good result in next psc exam. Study well and visit our website daily to get new kerala psc questions and affairs. "Kerala Psc Current Affairs" 

Kerala Psc Current Affairs

1.What was the theme of 25th National Children’s Science Congress (NCSC) held at Gandhinagar,ujarat?
Ans: Science and Innovation for Sustainable Development

2.Which is the world’s largest amphibious aircraft?
Ans: AG600 (China)

3.Name the organization tied up with CBSE to impart value education to students?
Ans: Ramakrishna Mission

4.Who was appointed as the new president of Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR)?
Ans: Vinay Sahasrabuddhe

5.Who is the head of the panel for drafting New Education Policy set up by Human resource development ministry, whose period is extended up to March 2018?
Ans: K. Kasturirangan

6.Which is the law that was recently amended by Lok Sabha to prevent wilful defaulters from taking part in insolvency proceedings of stressed asset of company?
Ans: Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code Law

7.Indian actress, named as the PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of A Animal) person of the year for her work on animal welfare.
Ans: Anushka Sharma

8.Which are the Gulf Countries that implement Value Added Tax (VAT) from January first 2018?
Ans: UAE and Saudi Arabia

9.Which is the first forest produce that has received Geographical Indication (GI) tag?
Ans: Nilambur teak

10.Which former West Indies all rounder is appointed as the coach of Afghanistan cricket team, as the country is preparing for its first lest match?
Ans: Phil Simmons

11.Who was the only golfer to win multiple Asian Tour Titles in 2017?
Ans: Shiv Kapur (India)

12.Who is the new chairman and managing director of Air lndia?
Ans: Pradeep Singh Kharola

13.Where the world’s first solar highway does was opens?
Ans: Jinan, the capital city of Shandong province of China

14.Who is the only batsman to manage 1000 runs in four successive calendar year from 2014?
Ans: Steven Smith

15.Who were entrusted with conducting Swachh survey from January 4?
Ans: Karvy Data Management

16.Who is the writer, who has died recently and well known for her alphabetically titled series of detective novels?
Ans: Sue Grafton

17.Which team won in Ranji trophy final against Delhi?
Ans: Vidarhha

18.What is the name of the military exercise between India and UK held in December 2017?
Ans:  Ajeya Warrior

19.Which is the Latin American country recently launched a cryptocurrency called Petro, which will be backed by the country’s vast reserve of oil and gas as well as mineral wealth including gold?
Ans: Venezuela

20.For which Operation of the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) of India got the Certificate of commendation by CITES?
Ans: Operation Save Kurma

21.Who directed the Film S Durga?
Answer-Sanal Kumar sasidharan

22.In which post Snehalatha Srivasthava was Appointed in 2017?
Answer-Lokshaba Secretary General

23.In Which Country is Mount Agung?
Answer -Indonesia

24.In Which Country Uhuru Kenyata became President?

25.Which indian State Declared Urdu Second Language? 
Answer- Telengana.

26.The 14 th president of india is …?
Answer-Ram nath kovind.

27.Which is the first country who ban FM radio broadcastin? 
Answer -Norway.

28.Who is the winner of fifa world player 2016?
Answer -Cristiano ronaldo.

29.Which is the city who have its own Microsoft font?
Answer -Dubai.

30.Name of train which is made fully in india?
Answer -Medha.

31.First city of india which have wifi connectivity in public place ?
Answer -Mubai

32.Who is new Indian vice president?
Answer -Venkayya Naid.

33.Who is neeti aayog chairman?
Answer -Narendra modi.

34.who appointed as neetiayog vice chairman?
Answer -Dr Rajeev kumar.

35.Who is neeti ayog ceo?
Answer -Amitab kanth.

36.The new attony general of india is ….?
Answer K k Venugopal.

37.Which Indian state decided to give 33 percentage reservation for women in government jobs?
Answer -Punjab

38. Who is appointed as the controller and audit general of india?
Answer -Rajiv Mahrishi.

 39.Who is the new election commissioner of india?
Answer -Om Prakash Rawat (since 23 January 2018).

40.Who started international Hindu conference?
Answer -Nepal.

41.Which is the first Indian state who ratify gst bill?
Answer -Assam.

42.Which is the first state in India to offer email IDs in Hindi?
Ans: Rajasthan

43.Who became the first batsman in the world to score three ODI double centuries?
Ans: Rohit Sharma

44.Which port in Sri Lanka has been handed over to China for 99 year lease?
Ans: Hambantota

45.Which has been named as the Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year for 2017?
Ans: Feminism

46.India will host the ICC World Cup cricket tournament in which year?
Ans: 2023

47.The BCCI has recently lifted the four year ban on which cricket association?
Ans: Rajasthan Cricket Association

48.Which country has decided to lift the 35 year old ban on movie theatres?
Ans: Saudi Arabia

49.Who is the new Chairman and Managing Director of Air India?’
Ans: Pradeep Sigh Kharola

50.Which city hosted the trilateral meeting of the Foreign Arlinisters of Russia, India and China? .
Ans: New Delhi

51.Which Hindi writer was selected for this year’s Vyas Sarnrnan?
Ans: Mamta Kalia

52.Where in India Was the Naval Maritime Aircraft Museum inaugurated?
Ans: Visakhapatnam

53.Who is the new chairman of the Kerala Lalithakala Academy?
Ans: Nemom Pushparaj

54.which university got the Chancellor’s Award for the Best University in Kerala?
Ans: Cochin University of Science and Technology

55.Name the Time Person of the Year 2017?
Ans: The Silence Breakers

56.India was admitted to which export control regime recently?
Ans: Wassenaar Arrangement

57.Who became the first Indian to win gold at the World Para Swimming Championship?
Ans: Kanchanmala

58.Who won this year’s Dillon d’Or?
Ans: Cristiano Ronaldo

59.Who are the winners of the Hockey World League?
Ans: Australia

60.They defeated Argentina in the final, India finished third.
International Mountain Day was observed on:
Ans: December 11

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